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Which KD Founder Are You?


“Out of such pure and simple beginnings grow great and wonderful things.”
Lenora Ashmore Blackiston, Kappa Delta founder

As we prepare to celebrate Kappa Delta’s anniversary on Oct. 23, we encourage you to take time to recognize the vision, values and friendship that have carried us this far. What better way to honor our long history than to find out which Kappa Delta founder you are most like?

Maybe you’re the dreamer of your group, and friendship is the Kappa Delta value you find most important. Or perhaps you’re the adventurer, demonstrating our platform of confidence in everything you do. You might love being surrounded by people and celebrating the many ways KD enriches our lives. Or maybe people recognize you for your pure heart as you strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest.

No matter which founder you relate to the most, one thing is clear: the values we share with each other and our four founders bind us together. Although more than a hundred years separate us, our founders’ commitment to friendship and service and the desire to be their best selves lives on in us.

As you celebrate our organization’s founding this month, do so knowing you are connected to the 250,000 women who have worn our letters since the time Lenora, Julia, Sara and Mary first founded our KD.

Take the quiz below, compare your results with each other, and share them on social media with #KDFoundersDay. We can’t wait to see which founder you are!

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