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My KD Story: Nicki Klein

Nicki Klein (Alpha Iota-California/Los Angeles) was bored working in the stock market so she and a friend entered a hackathon and won! Together they created Betagig, a company that helps people who want to change careers find job-shadowing opportunities.

My KD Story: Sheila Vahey

The special bond of KD sisterhood is woven throughout nurse Sheila Vaughn Vahey’s professional and personal lives. Watch this Beta Sigma-Southern Mississippi alumna’s KD story, which includes mentoring other nurses who happen to be KD sisters.

My KD Story: Kelsie Coe

Kelsie Coe (Epsilon Iota-Missouri) had dreams of going to medical school, but was unsure of what direction to take...until she participated in an orthopaedic research internship provided by the Kappa Delta Foundation.

My KD Story: Sarah Price

With the scholarship Sarah Price (Delta Gamma- Western Kentucky) received from the Kappa Delta Foundation, she was able to reallocate tuition funds to pay for a life changing experience. Watch her story.