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The Making of a Sisterhood

On Oct. 23, 1897, Lenora, Sara, Mary and Julia created the sisterhood that would come to mean so much to so many. The often-told story of the sorority’s founding sounds almost like a fairy tale.

My KD Story: Tina Miller

Kappa Delta alumna, Tina Miller (Gamma Psi-Delta State) shares how her time in the chapter serving as VP-membership helped her develop skills she would put to use as an art director for variety television.

My KD Story: Alexis Cooper

“It must be really hard for you to manage all that hair. Have you ever thought of straightening it?” Alexis shares the subtle racism she experiences and challenges us to think beyond stereotypes and truly get to know people. Let’s be better!

My KD Story: Charlotte Miller

Charlotte Miller's Kappa Delta sisters infused her with confidence when she decided to run the Boston Marathon.