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My KD Story: Cynda Bradley

Cynda Bradley Delta Omega-Mississippi State went through the National Panhellenic Conference recruitment simply because it came before the National Pan-Hellenic Council recruitment. Watch Cynda's KD Story and see why she joined Kappa Delta!

My KD Story: Dana Spinola

Dana Williams Spinola started fab'rik as a fashion destination where every woman could afford to feel beautiful, regardless of her budget! Watch Dana's KD story to see how she changed her focus and learned to live by the phrase, "You can do anything, just not everything."

My KD Story: Kalie Pluchel

While in college, Kalie became the first female chief weather forecaster for Newslink Indiana, Ball State's campus TV station. Watch her KD Story!

My KD Story: Whitney Setterdahl

When Whitney (Sigma Omicron-Illinois) was diagnosed with thyroid cancer just prior to entering college, she was hesitant about going through sorority recruitment. But what she found when she joined Kappa Delta was a group of women who offered genuine friendship and compassion during her difficult journey. With the support of her KD sisters, Whitney created "Stockings for Strength" to make a difference in the lives of other teens battling cancer. Watch her KD story and be inspired!