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Coffee & Confidence

Grow Your Confidence this Spring

It’s official: spring is (almost) here! Some of us are even seeing some daffodils bloom amid the unusually cool temperatures. Spring is a time of growth and a great time to grow your confidence! Just because Kappa Delta’s platform is confidence, doesn’t mean it comes easy. It is not something you are born with, but something you grow overtime. This March, let’s talk about how you can grow your confidence! 

  1. Get to know yourself. Knowing yourself means you understand your strengths and weaknesses. Take advantage of these strengths and use them to build your confidence. Then, work on some of your weaknesses. A confident person is not only aware of her weaknesses and insecurities, she embraces them and is inspired to grow in those areas. 
  2. Be positive and change your mindset. Positivity is a key component to building confidence. Focus less on the negative messages of the past and begin concentrating on the positivein your life today.  
  3. Stop comparing yourself. Yes, we all do it. When you compare yourself to others, you inevitably will feel upset and not good enough. Instead of comparing yourself to others, be proud of who you are and love the person you are becoming! 
  4. Help someone. One of the most important steps to building confidence in your life is to be there for others. Serving another person almost always results in understanding that you are important in this world, that you have something to offer and that the world is more beautiful because of your presence.  
  5. Build someone else’s confidence. This one is both the easiest and the most meaningful. The people, and specifically the women, around you every day are working on themselves. Don’t be the person who tears them down. Instead, be the person who lifts them up! They, too, may need a confidence boost that day.  

Self-confidence is not easy to achieve or maintain but is something that grows over time. Take the time to build your confidence and focus on what makes you unique. Remember, confidence is contagious, so spread it around!