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KD: Your home away from home.

For many Kappa Deltas, the collegiate membership experience includes a Kappa Delta house or other chapter facility. The time spent together in these facilities — studying for exams, planning chapter events and preparing for the future — helps members build and strengthen the bonds of sisterhood that endure beyond the college years.

Kappa Delta chapters call a variety of spaces “home.”  From our largest house to our chapter suites, all of these spaces have one thing in common—they are the places where KDs meet to build friendships and create memories that will last lifetimes.

Most Kappa Delta facilities are managed by local volunteers — either a local house corporation, led by alumnae volunteers who oversee the day-to-day operations, or by a member of the chapter advisory board, who serves as a liaison to the chapter on housing matters.

Buy magazines to support chapter housing.

When you purchase magazines through the Kappa Delta Magazine Agency, you help Kappa Delta provide some of the best chapter houses, lodges and other chapter facilities across the nation.

We encourage you to subscribe to your favorite magazines through the Kappa Delta magazine program. Browse the online magazine store to purchase subscriptions or renew old favorites. Follow the instructions listed below:

  • Go to
  • Type the name of your collegiate or alumnae chapter where it asks for “Chapter Name.”
  • If you want to view a list of every collegiate or alumnae chapter, leave “Chapter Name” blank.
  • When “Search Results” are displayed, click on the name of the collegiate or alumnae chapter that you want to give credit.
  • Click on “Shop for Magazines” to take you to the online store.
  • Click “Buy Magazine.” Or chose a magazine you want to renew and click “renewal” to extend a current subscription.

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