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Recommend a potential new member.

Do you know a young woman headed off to college? Kappa Delta appreciates the efforts of its members who recommend outstanding young collegiate women for membership.

While the national organization does not require recommendations for women to be considered for membership in Kappa Delta, recommendations offer a beneficial introduction to the chapter. Having a recommendation does not guarantee an invitation or membership. You must be a Kappa Delta to submit a recommendation.

To recommend a collegiate woman, please complete a recommendation form. An alumna in good standing from any Kappa Delta chapter may write a recommendation for a potential new member. A collegiate member in good standing can write a recommendation for a young woman who is going through recruitment at another school, not her own.

Is the potential new member a legacy? Let us know. A legacy is the daughter, granddaughter or sister of an initiated member in good standing.  Half- and step-relations are considered legacies if their KD family member considers them as such.


Online Recommendation and Legacy Introduction Forms are now available to members by logging into the Member Portal. Please note that electronic recommendations are preferred. However, you may access printable versions of the recommendation form here and the legacy introduction form here and mail them directly to the chapter address on this list.

Recommendations and Legacy Introductions Forms are due the first day of the month in which the chapter’s recruitment begins. Chapters often prefer to receive recommendations earlier, but chapters are expected to consider these forms, sent online and via traditional mail service, up until the first of the month in which they begin recruitment.

PLEASE NOTE: Kappa Delta’s members-only online portals — including the Member Portal, Nautilus Network and Resource Library — now have enhanced security features which require users to create a password with seven characters including at least one number and one letter.

If you have logged into the Member Portal, Nautilus Network or Resource Library prior to May 2019 and already have a username and password, please note that the site will ask you to update your password upon your next login.

If you are an initiated member who has never logged into a members-only portal, please send an email to with as much of the information below as possible.

  • First Name
  • Maiden/Initiated Last Name
  • Current Last Name
  • Birthday
  • Initiated Chapter Greek Name
  • Initiation Year
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