President's Message

Dear Parents:

On behalf of the national organization, I take great pleasure in welcoming you and your daughter to Kappa Delta Sorority. In accepting her invitation to join Kappa Delta, your daughter has forever changed her life. From her experiences as a collegian, and one day as an alumna, she will have the opportunity to grow as a person and develop many skills that will assist her long after her college graduation. Your daughter has a lifetime of support, encouragement, and love to look forward to as a KD.

Kappa Delta is over a century-old sisterhood with more than 230,000 initiated members. Your daughter has been selected by the Kappa Deltas on her campus on behalf of members throughout the world. They see in her someone who will share our ideals and principles — honor, truth, duty — and contribute toward building and maintaining our sisterhood for the future. We are pleased to welcome her as an important member of our sisterhood, and we welcome you as a new KD parent.

We know that as a parent, you have instilled in your daughter the values that will help her be her best self. We want you to know that Kappa Delta joins your efforts. Kappa Delta is committed to inspiring each and every member to lead a values-based life and become a woman of greatness. We are committed to educating our members on time-honored values and empowering them to reflect those values in their choices each day.

Kappa Delta stands for the highest ideals. Our open motto, adopted in 1897, is “Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest.” It goes without saying that hazing is in direct conflict with Kappa Delta’s values. As a member, your daughter can have confidence in the fact that she will be treated with kindness, humanity and dignity.

In the next few months, you’re sure to hear a lot about Kappa Delta as your daughter learns more and more about the sorority and begins to make friendships that will last a lifetime.

Again, welcome. We look forward to a lifelong association with your daughter – one that will bring much to her and to Kappa Delta.

Warm regards,

Alison Jakes Argersinger
National President

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