Living Our Values

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Kappa Delta is committed to inspiring each and every member to lead a values-based life and become a woman of greatness. The principles and ideals upon which our organization was founded are ingrained in everything we do as a sorority, and our members and chapter programs and initiatives reflect these values every day.

In essence, Kappa Deltas strive to Live Great! The G-R-E-A-T in “Live Great” is a simple acronym to remind us of the values we share as Kappa Deltas.

Growth through lifetime learning
Responsibility for our own integrity and ethical actions
Engagement in social and civic interests
Altruistic service to others
Truth and loyalty to each other

Living great, or living by our values, promotes all that Kappa Delta stands for. Clearly, it is when Kappa Delta members and chapters align their values with their actions that we are really at our best. When more than 230,000 members are dedicated to leading with values, we are empowered to better the world.

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