Finding licensed vendors is easy. A listing of these vendors can be found at the Affinity Marketing Consultants (AMC) Web site. Plus, to use the "GET A QUOTE" services of the AMC Web site (and to see which vendors offer specific services) go to Greek Licensing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does licensing affect my chapter?

The vendor (local or otherwise) that produces and sells your bid day tee with "Kappa Delta," your Founders Day invitations with the crest, your sweatshirt with KD, etc. must be an approved Kappa Delta licensed vendor.

How do I find a Kappa Delta licensed vendor?

Kappa Delta provides this list of currently licensed vendors. Please choose "Kappa Delta" from the list in the lower left corner.

This list grows quickly, and is updated on a monthly basis in order to provide each member with the best possible information.

How does a company/vendor become licensed?

Contrary to popular belief, becoming a licensed vendor is a relatively simple and painless process. In fact, most vendors are already licensed with colleges across the country (so the process is not a new one.) Kappa Delta (and a large number of other NPC and IFC groups) has paired with Affinity Marketing Consultants, Inc. (AMC) for the management of the licensing program. Vendors can contact AMC directly at 607-753-6284, or through the AMC Web site at

Who can I contact with questions and/or comments about licensing?

You are welcome to contact:
The Kappa Delta Boutique at (901) 748-1897, ex 213 or, you can contact the Affinity Marketing Consultants, Inc. team at 607-753-6284.

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