Leadership Development Consultants

"A journey begins not with the first step but the desire to go where you have never gone."

What is a Leadership Development Consultant (LDC)?

A LDC is a recent college graduate who is able to gain valuable career skills by visiting Kappa Delta chapters throughout the United States. The term of employment is from June 1 until April 30. Assignments can vary depending upon the current needs of our chapters and our extension schedule. Depending on the visit you may assist with leadership development, officer transition, recruitment assistance or recruitment planning. These visits are generally 4-7 day assignments. You may also travel on extension presentations or be stationed at a new chapter to recruit new members, administer the new member education program and advise the new chapter.

How will being a LDC benefit my career and my future?

Former Kappa Delta LDCs have commented, after their year of travel, that the time on the road was the best learning experience of their lives. The situations that arise during your visits prepare you for any life situation. At the end of the experience, a LDC has outpaced most of her peers, become an experienced business traveler, public speaker and presenter, and gained an enhanced professional presence. A LDC will also have developed fundamental skills for reporting, writing, taking direction, working as a team, problem solving and public speaking.

LDCs are able to finish their year of travel and pursue their chosen career paths. There are former LDCs who are engineers, lawyers, executive directors, higher education professionals, doctors, teachers, etc. Many others choose to continue their education by pursuing a graduate degree. Many have been able to defer their graduate school acceptance and employment opportunities during the year of travel. The LDC position helps to develop endless possibilities for your future!

How do I apply?

A complete application packet includes the submission of:

  1. LDC Application Form with a photo. View the application questions here before completing the application. Please note that you cannot save your responses online and return to the application.
  2. Two letters of recommendation from a campus contact and a KD advisor. The KD advisor can be a member of your chapter advisory board (CAB) or a national advisor from the national leadership team (NLT). Letters of recommendation should be emailed directly to Kirstin.Barry@kappadelta.org from the recommendation writer.

A complete application packet should be submitted no later than Nov. 15.

How are LDCs selected?

Each year the LDCs are selected from a field of qualified applicants. In reviewing applications, Kappa Delta looks for well-rounded individuals with chapter office (especially Council) experience, campus involvement, a solid academic record, and good leadership and communication skills. A group of applicants will be chosen for personal interviews at National Collegiate Training Academy (NCTA) in Orlando in February 2016. Final decisions will be made shortly thereafter. The number of LDCs hired each year varies based on the needs of the sorority.

Meet the 2015-2016 LDCs

What type of employment benefits are provided with the position?

All expenses are taken care of by the sorority and/or the chapters with the exception of personal expenses. Health insurance and life insurance are provided during the year of travel. LDCs are expected to travel to national KD conferences at the request of the sorority (airfare, room and meals are paid for by the sorority). An intensive training session is held in June. Travel begins in early August.

Questions and Contact Information

If you have further questions regarding the position, please contact:

Kirstin Barry
Extension and Consultant Manager

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