How Do I Join Kappa Delta

We are glad you asked! We take pride in the fact that Kappa Delta nationally and locally is known for being a friendly sorority. We also are known for being individuals--no cookie cutter images here! We welcome and encourage members from divergent backgrounds who bring a special dimension to our sisterhood.

Kappa Delta Sorority welcomes all women to be a part of our organization provided they meet our high standards in the areas of character, academics and leadership potential.

Every college or university has different rules and procedures for joining sororities so your best and first contact should be the Panhellenic or Sorority/Fraternity Life office on your campus. The best way to contact this office is to go to the website of the university you are attending and find the link to the Panhellenic/Sorority/Fraternity Life office. Often, there will be information on how to sign up for sorority recruitment. If the website doesn't have that information, there should be a phone number or email address to contact the office and you can get information directly from them.

If you are a freshman attending a college that has fall formal recruitment, it is most likely that you will receive information in the summer before school starts in the fall. Pay attention to the deadlines contained in the information received. If you don't receive anything from the Panhellenic/Sorority/Fraternity Life office, be sure to contact them by following the procedure listed above.

Good luck and best wishes for a successful recruitment!

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