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The Kappa Delta Chapter House - Your “Home Away from Home”

Shared living accommodations and group living are among the cornerstones of the collegiate experience. Whether it be dedicated residential halls or the traditional sorority houses, Kappa Delta provides its members with a safe, secure and collegial environment in which to learn and grow.

Why live in the Kappa Delta chapter house?
What Are People Saying About Chapter Housing?
Fun Facts About Chapter Housing

Why Live in the Kappa Delta Chapter House?

1. Its fun! Just think of all the friends close by.
2. It’s safe! Nearly half of all Kappa Delta facilities have fire sprinklers and all have smoke detectors. We have a “no open flame policy” and “no smoking policy”—two of the leading causes of residential fires.
3. It’s convenient! Most Kappa Delta facilities are on campus or a short walk to campus. You can come home from class, eat lunch and go back to class.
4. It’s fun! Just think of all the things to share.
5. It’s secure! All facilities are locked 24/7 and many have security systems.
6. It’s clean! Most Kappa Delta facilities have a full time cleaning staff to clean the common areas.
7. It’s fun! You’ll find friendship and sisterhood everywhere.
8. It’s nutritious! Most Kappa Delta facilities have a full-time professional cooking staff to prepare all your meals. That means no grocery shopping!
9. It’s legal! No drugs, firearms or alcohol, anytime, anywhere, period.
10. It’s fun! There is always someone to talk to or hang out with.
11. It’s smart! Dedicated study areas, study groups, sharing class notes, internet wiring, computer availability, quiet hours—all contribute to a positive environment in which to study.
12. It’s affordable! Sorority housing is often less expensive than dorm living and even less expensive than off-campus living when you consider utilities, gas, furniture, pots and pans, groceries, parking fees.
13. It’s fun! You’ll make memories to last a lifetime. Your fondest memories of Kappa Delta will occur in the chapter house…you don’t want to miss out!

What People Are Saying About Chapter Housing

When my daughter moved into the Kappa Delta house, I knew she would have good hot meals, a clean and safe environment, and most of all be surrounded by people who care about her. As a parent, that is a great feeling when your daughter is away at college. If she can’t be living with me, I am glad she is living with Kappa Deltas! Janice Birsinger, mother of Julie Epsilon Iota-Missouri

I was hesitant to live in the Kappa Delta house as a senior, but, looking back, it was a great decision. I will never again have the opportunity to live with 30 of my closest friends. They were my family away from home. Jennifer Hitt Delta Omega-Mississippi State

The sorority living experience is not only a wonderful opportunity for fun and community, it is likely the safest living environment available on campus. Kappa Delta is constantly researching new ways to make their facilities safer. The policies and the chapter’s ability to enforce those policies create a living environment that would reassure any parents concerned about their daughter’s well-being. Sara Sterley, Director of Communications/Account Manager MJ Insurance, Inc.

There's always someone to talk to... I love it because it feels like home, and I get to live with all my sisters! Kendall Sweeney Alpha Kappa-Oregon State

A Kappa Delta house is much more than a dormitory. As house corporation president, my role is to make sure collegians have a safe, comfortable, and attractive place to call home. Having lived in the KD house during my college years, I take pride in ensuring that the house exceeds the expectations of its residents, year after year. Lisa Durrenberger, house corporation president Phi Epsilon-Colorado State

What a privilege and joy to be a Kappa Delta housemother! This is not a job; it is a life with extremely wonderful rewards of working with young people who are striving for excellence in their studies, personal growth, and daily activities. The benefits also include working with a board of true aestheticians and professional businesswomen who are devoted to this house. They set the standards of excellence for the house, themselves and the young KD women. Kitty Raney, retired house director Alpha Mu-Mississippi

Fun Facts About Campus Housing

1. Kappa Delta chapter housing aggregates in excess of 750,000 square feet of living space, nearly the size of two Astrodomes.
2. The largest KD house is at Indiana University and is in excess of 24,000 square feet.
3. Houses can sleep anywhere from 8 members to 92 members.
4. Some house corporations pay close to $50,000 in real property taxes.
5. Some house corporations have house staffs of 8-10 people, full and part time.

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