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Founded on friendship.

The often-told story of the sorority’s founding sounds almost like a fairy tale. Knowing what we know now — how our sisterhood has become something far beyond what even the founders dreamed — we hear a nearly magical ring in the words….

A chilly rain spattered against the windowpanes of the little dormitory room on Professional Hall, the dormitory floor where most of the seniors lived. Saturday meant no classes, and the dreary weather that hung over Farmville was a perfect excuse for the four friends to tuck themselves away in that cozy spot and talk for hours…. It was that afternoon that Kappa Delta was born — October 23, 1897 — at the State Female Normal School in Farmville, Virginia. 

Kappa Delta Longwood College Dorm Room early 1900sIf what happened next wasn’t magical, then it certainly was extraordinary. That an organization like Kappa Delta could have sprung from four young women in small-town Virginia — two of them only 15 years old — defies all reasonable expectation.  Their collective dream would grow into an entity with lasting impact in the lives of more than 250,000 women.

Kappa Delta’s early leaders were women of vision. Today’s women live that dream and keep the vision alive.

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